AI Mod Generator Guide

AI options are split into the following categories:

  • General AI behavior
  • Suspects
  • Suspect perception
  • Stun behavior
  • Suspect hesitation and surrender behavior
  • Suspect count
  • Traps, doors & keycards
  • Suspect & Civilian Morale
  • Civilians
  • Civilian count
  • SWAT
  • Mode-specific options

Go to AI Mod Generator

1. Select base AI settings

In the vast majority of cases this should be set to "Public Branch". If you own the supporter edition of Ready or Not AND you are currently playing on closed Supporter Alpha build of the game, you should select "Supporter Alpha".

You can also upload an existing mod to use as a starting point for your own modifications.

If you're not sure what to pick, it should most likely be "Public branch"
Select "Supporter Alpha" if you've explicitly opted into "supporteralpha" build of the game as shown in the image above.

2. Add customizations

You can customize options by adding mods (also called rules) using the "Add Mod" button next to the AI parameters.

Each mod has the following options:

  • Scope - which maps and game modes to modify
  • Mode - how the values should be modified
    • Set - sets the values to a specific number
    • Add - increases or decreases the original values by a flat amount
      • Positive numbers increase the value, negative numbers decrease it.
    • Scale - multiplies the original values for percentage changes
      • You should almost never multiply (scale) by a negative value.
        If you want to reduce the value (e.g. health) by 30%, multiply (scale) it by 0.7
  • Min (Optional) - minimum allowed value after modification
    • Example: Enemies should have 20% less health, but never less than 150
  • Max (Optional) - maximum allowed value after modification
    • Example: There should be 5 more enemies on every map, but never more than 20

Doubles the maximum number of suspects on all maps but to no more than 20

3. Generate the mod

After you're done changing the settings, you can scroll back to the top of the page and click on "Generate Mod". The website will prepare your mod and start the download.

The download should start in a few seconds.

After you've downloaded your mod, please follow the mod installation tutorial.

Go to Mod Installation Tutorial